Translating the translation

The best translators translate into their mother tongue. More and more companies are settling for translators with a good command of English and the results are less than perfect. Spending money on translating and ending up with poor-quality text is pointless. Why settle for getting the job half done? If you're going to do it, do it right and have your text copy-edited.

By standardising your text into British or American English; working to find your voice so that the text reads as if you had translated it yourself using your own words, tone, and humour; and making sure your text is correctly pitched at your audience, it will be difficult to tell that the final text wasn't originally written in English.

English is fast becoming the 'working' language in Central and Eastern Europe. There is increasing pressure on consultants to deliver final reports in English. It's hard to justify large consultancy fees if this final product is sub-standard. Invest the money. Have your reports copy-edited before sending them to your clients.

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