Proofreading is about cleaning up the final text; checking each composite part to make sure it's contributing to the final picture. Once your text has been copy-edited, suggested changes have been agreed, and the designer/typesetter has readied the text for printing, it is now time to have it proofread.

All substantive changes have already been made during the copy-editing stage. Proofreaders check for stray punctuation marks; typos; odd word-breaks at the end of lines; mislabeled figures and tables; inconsistency in the application of headings or bullet styles; and widows and orphans – those words or short phrases at the end or beginning of paragraphs that are left to sit alone at the top or at the bottom of a page.

And it is not something we can do for ourselves. We simply cannot proofread our own work. Our mind will read what we think we have written and not what is actually on the page. We would be happy to proofread your text for you; but if your budget doesn't allow this, then at the very least have someone else read what you've written. Please!

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